Thanks to your help Justin was elected to Juneau’s District 34!

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We cannot afford to continue with the status quo in Alaska.

Help Justin get elected in Juneau’s District 34:

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Juneau Votes Debate

On October 13th, Justin Parish and Representative Muñoz participated in a debate covering many of the topics important to Alaskans. We have broken out Justin’s responses for you to easily learn about the issues most important to you.


Justin Parish is a lifelong resident of our town, Juneau. He studied at UAF and UAS, earning a degree from each institution.  While at UAS he wrote for the newspaper and advocated for the University as part of the Student Government. He works with special needs students at the Floyd Dryden Middle School.

Today Justin is running as a Democrat for Alaska State House District 34, which is in the valley region of Juneau.

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